Gyme is an innovative platform that was created to connect trainers and trainees quickly and efficiently. The app was developed specifically for fitness trainers and is a solution to the variety of challenges they face. For the benefit of app development, we have invested most of our efforts in researching and searching for features that meet the user’s needs. Gyme provides unique management software – a smart calendar for scheduling training through the app, Credit clearing system, advertising of coaches, monitoring the progress of trainees, Sending training programs, nutrition programs, and much more…





The Problem:

During the Covid-19 period, people sought to train non-stop with their trainer and personal program.
We understand that there’s a need for an Israeli interface that addresses those people while maintaining social distance and maintaining the directives of the Ministry of Health.

The Solution:

An interface that aims to help trainees find the trainer and type of training that suits them best, anywhere and anytime.
Also, full duty of transparency regarding health status, vaccinations, and ongoing testing against Covid-19.




To understand the user’s needs and produce a persona, we created a broad questionnaire that focuses on the world of personal training and its consumer culture. The target audience is men and women aged 18-50 from all over the country. The conclusions of the questionnaire helped us to refine the user’s needs and express them as optional features in the interface, as well as to produce personas to which we can direct the interface.


Competitive Analyze

There was a strong desire to analyze familiar and good applications that could help me in the characterization stages of the interface. Unfortunately, both in Israel and abroad there are no known interfaces from which I hoped to get strengths for my interface.

After further thought, I realized that there is a need for in-depth stages of familiarization and registration, therefore, I had to analyze interfaces that have a complex registration stages.



User Personas

In our interface there are two types of users – trainers and trainees, therefore, I had to get into the shoes of every one of them and analyze their exact needs. Of course, at this point, there was an aspiration to represent as many types of users as possible in thes two personas.



In the storyboard process, I chose to take the user’s pain points while monitoring the use of the app.
The encounter between his pain points and the answer that Gyme gives to these problems leads to the solutions.



User Flow

User flow is the path taken by a user on an app to complete a task.
The user flow takes them from their entry point through a set of steps towards a successful outcome and final action.
The goal of our app is to schedule a workout, the user has to go through several steps before getting his goal.


User Map



Over 70 wireframe screens with micro and macro states were created based on a functional prototype.
an interactive prototype was also developed, which shows main transitions and interactions with elements.



Style Guide


How It Works?

On Boarding

An onboarding screen is like a walkthrough, aimed to introduce what an app does to a user and of course how to use it. Thta’s the simplest way of describing it. Designing it however is a totally different thing. An onboarding screen needs to be designed in the most simple, welcoming and user-friendly way possible.

Login & Sign up

In the vast majority of apps, log in in & sign up screens are the first screens a user will experience, and this first impression will affect how users’ perceive the aesthetics, usability, and credibility of an app.Also, in the first stage of registration, there is a separation between trainers and trainees as certain parts of the process vary from user to user.

Lets Get to Know You Better

In the preferences stage, the trainer fills in details about himself: where he is, what radius he is willing to move to reach a workout, types of training in which he specializes, certificates, and price list. On the other hand, the trainee fills in his personal goals and the types of training  he is interested in.

Find Your Best Fit

The process of finding the perfect trainer is divided into three stages: first, the trainee fills in his preferences according to which the interface knows to offer customized trainers, then the trainee can choose a trainer from the list or the map, the last step is to schedule training and wait for the trainer approval.
Trainers can also schedule group workouts that will appear on the list and map.

Cybersec – Dashboard

Wisewine – Winery App

Gyme – Trainers App

Super Camper – Coming Soon