WISEWINE – a winery search app. Using various filtering options, at your fingertip, whether you look for a different and unique experience during your vacation or you wish to enjoy a special high-quality wine, this is the best application for you.





The Problem:

1. A sharing system designated especially for wine and wineries lovers dose not exist.

2. There are no fluent updates regarding wineries and wine events.

3. A digital platform designated especially for wine manufacturers and wineries which compile satisfied reliable information does not exist.

The Solution:

Creating an application assembling together the all information about Israeli wine and Israeli wineries with which one may remain updated and share his experience.

Business Opportunity

Monthly payment that wineries owners and wine manufacturers, using the various functions included in WISEWINE, will pay. Direct and indirect advertising fees.




In order to study the target audience and gain a deeper understanding of the difficulties of winery owners and wine lovers, the survey was published on social media and various platforms in order to reach as many people as possible. Over 350 people participated in the survey. Their answers provided a broad picture. The questions included tried to find out how many people really like wine, what their level of proficiency is, what are their wine consumption habits and how do they fit into their lifestyle.

Questionnaire conclusions

55% percent of the participants were men and 45% women
Most of the participants in the questionnaire are single
Most participants define themselves as wine lovers
Most participants said they would like to receive updates
Most of the participants would like to be part of a wine community and share their experiences.
The level of proficiency in wine is high and alongside it a strong desire to increase knowledge on the subject.

When I asked people open-ended questions about what features they would like to have in their wine app – the most frequently repeated answers were:

Personal Profile

A personal profile where the users can share their experiences at the various wineries and the types of wine they have tried.


Map indicating wineries in their area.

Wineries List

A list of wineries ranked nationwide.

Rating Feature

An option to rate the winery and wines and experience their opinions.


Competitive Analysis

For the competitive analysis, 2 similar applications were selected. Some have problems characterizing them as well as strengths I had not thought of before. Therefore, the research began with a focus on the user experience – taking from them points of preservation and improvement as well as a comparison between the various features provided in those applications.



User Personas

A persona is a fictitious character, which represents an “average” user of the system. This figure is used to analyze and understand the needs of that user and to design an interface that will satisfy him. Persona characterization or even several personas – in interface designed for different audiences – is a direct product of user research. We have gathered all the user insights and created main personas. This step helps us stay focused on the user’s needs.


Empathy map

After creating the persons I follow up with empathy mapping. this stage helped me
identify the gaps between the users needs and current solution they are using.



The Storyboard describes the path a customer takes on his way to fulfilling his goal. When examining a user journey, we focus on the various points of interaction between the user and the product and the service he receives, whether they provide a solution to his pain points, goals, and motives. It also examines what decisions he has to make during the journey, and how they affect the continuation of the route.



User Flow

The user flow helped me organize the structure and how particular task will be done by the
user from their entry point through a set of steps towards successful outcome final action.


User Map

I created a user map which helped me plan the navigation system according
to the user’s needs. Of course Later I used the user map to build my wireframes



Low fidelity wireframes

I quickly converted my ideas on paper and created a low fidelity
wireframing to make it easier and understandable to validate my proposed solution.


High fidelity wireframes

After I created the low fidelity wireframes I rearrange everything
and created higher quality wireframes. Over 40 different screens were created.


Style Guide


How It Works?

On Boarding

These onboarding screens purposes is to display the functions and benefits of the app and to collect information that can be used to deliver personalized content and notifications.

Login & Sign up

Our Quick Login feature allows you to log in without requiring you to enter your password again. The sign-up form is neutral and doesn’t have a ton of colors, It’s easy on the eyes with a minimalist design and a clear user interface. The form fields are also short.


The app’s questions focus on the user’s preferences regarding his  consumer culture, so we can know what content to offer and provide him.

Be part of our community

The best application for locating wineries in Israel using various filtering options of your choice. If you are on vacation and looking for a different and unique experience or you just want to enjoy a good and quality wine – this is the app for you!



Usability test

To validate and test my app, I conducted usability test on 3 keymoments and 8 users.

Usability test plan

Usability test script

Affinity map

Rainbow spreadsheet

I then transcripted the results of my test, and used it to create a new affinity map. with the insight of the map, I filled a rainbow spreadsheet.


Implementing feedback

Here are a few of the changes made due to the test results

6 out of 8 users had difficulty finding the ‘Add friend’ button, claiming that this action is of paramount importance in an app that aims to create a community.

5 out of 8 users complained that there are no prices on the various wine bottles, information that they claim is essential when presenting a product.

Cybersec – Dashboard

Gyme – Trainers App

Super Camper – Coming Soon